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An Trumptracker.Net game is a term used to describe a category of games that educators deem appropriate or permissible to access school computers. There are hundreds of top Trumptracker.Net games available for students of all ages.

These include classic arcade games, educational games, new games, and games based on cartoons or comic book characters. Most of the games are easy to play and, like the famous Candy Crush or Farmville, are fun for all ages. includes the original arcade classics like Pac-Man. Your Pac-Man travels through the maze, which you control with the arrow keys, and eats the Pac dots while being chased by ghosts. Like with the original, you can get up to higher levels as you complete each phase. Even Donkey Kong from 1981 is considered an Trumptracker.Net game. Mario the Plumber has to jump over barrels and avoid obstacles to rescue Princess Peach.

Hundreds of Trumptracker.Net math games make math learning fun and enjoyable for elementary school students. Shoot the Pies is a game where you have to throw the correct number of pies to fill in the multiplication table’s blank. Papa’s Pizzeria teaches fractions by having the players bake and cut up pizzas into the right number of slices for customers.

A fun game to learn to type, called Key Master, has the player type words to get rid of bad guys. The faster you type, the more beasts and other evil beasts you can banish. Various levels have more complex challenges, including typing phrases and sentences.

Sports games are top-rated too. Round the World Basketball is a simple game to play using your mouse. You hold down the mouse control, “fling” the ball with it, and shoot by releasing. Football Heads 2014 WorldCup lets you control the soccer players with your mouse or arrow keys and score as many goals as you can.

Even though even drawing guns at school in some districts can get a student in trouble, there are plenty of educational and shooting games available for play online. Animal Hunters is a 3D game whereby the player is the hunter and tracks a big match. He must calculate the speed and movement of the animal while aiming his rifle to hit the target. The better the player gets, or the more hits he gets, the more levels he moves up, and the shots’ difficulty increases.

Trumptracker.Net games can be just as entertaining as games that are declared off-limits by school systems. There are hundreds to choose from, and there are bound to be several that will keep your child’s interest.
iUnblock Games

School Trumptracker.Net Games is an Trumptracker.Net games website where you can lose some of your free time to various games online. Our site has a fair amount of quality games available you already may know: However, a free Trumptracker.Net games website could use some aesthetic work. Upon entering the online Trumptracker.Net games site iUnblock, the site’s purpose is to give you the freedom to go and unblock games on the school’s internet-blocked other gaming sites.

All the games are collected manually with top-rated and most-played games. iUnblock has popular games at the top of the homepage with thumbnails so you can get a short idea of what to play first. Here are my thoughts on some of the top Trumptracker.Net games:

Happy Wheels

I don’t think this one needs much of an introduction; it’s everyone’s favourite bloody flash game. However, you’ll find the user-made levels and have fun during school or the office.

Vex 3

Vex 3 is a 2D platformer with an emphasis on speed and difficulty. This game can get pretty intense when you’re chasing that time record for a level.

Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss was my favourite. Can you find all seven ways to murder your boss using only office supplies brutally?

Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst is a 2D Platformer shooter. It’s pretty fun, albeit a little clunky.

Run 2

Another childhood favourite, Run 2, is an exciting, gravity-defying platformer.

Feed Us 3

In Feed Us 3, you’re a hungry piranha. It would help to avoid sharks and jellyfish while you sink boats and eat people.

Shift 4

Shift 4 is a volleyball game where you play as girls in bikinis, hitting a bomb over a net. No further explanation is needed.

Clicker Heroes

In Clicker Heroes, you click on monsters to do damage to them. You can level up to do more damage.

Battle Gear Portal War 4

Military tower defence game, place your units and defeat the tower against enemies.

Call of Duty 2

2D arcade shooter. Kill as many enemies as you can.

Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game where you must cut ropes to direct the food to the cute, hungry little animal.

Free Way Fury 2

Jump your way from the car to car on the fast-moving freeway in this fun, wild game.

Canyon Defense 2

Tower defence game with waves of enemies coming at your tower.

Balloons vs. Zombies

Kill the zombies with knives, but save the humans by moving them out of the way with balloons!

Angry Gran 2

Play as an angry granny and hit people on the streets to collect money.

Fruitland 2

You must collect all the fruit and exit the level, but there’s a catch – you can’t see the fruit!

Red Ball 3

Play as a red ball; navigate your way to the end of each level, and solve some puzzles along the way.